Uncontrollable Thud


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I have a ***CHEAP*** (bought it out of a guy's truck for $20) 2 channel Crunch USA amp (150 RMS is what it says on the front?) that has worked fine in powering my Audiobahn AW1251 12" Subs (400 RMS), used in stereo @ a 4 ohm load, until about a week ago. Now when I hook both RCA cable inputs up, the subs THUMP uncontrollably when ANY signal is sent to the amp (all of the thumps are at the same level, no matter the level of the input). When I take one of the RCA cables off the amp, rendering one speaker useless, it works fine. Hooking it up in mono renders the same results. Is the amp fried? No biggie if it is, it's just driving me nuts on what the problem is.

Matthew Burnett
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Could it maybe be the outputs on the amp? Changed the RCA cable, yields same results. Don't know what the hell is going on...

Matthew Burnett
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Maybe the outputs on the deck? It's still under warranty if it's the deck...I like warranties...me no like spending craploads of cash on new amp

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Check the ground of the amplifier, and the ground of the HU.

Matthew Burnett
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Re-did the ground to the amp, now it only does it every now and then (when you change tracks/radio stations). When it does thump, you turn it up and it goes away, then turn it back down it's fine untill you change tracks or stations. Starting to think it's the HU (hear noises that sound like they're coming from inside the HU), gonna take it to the rep in town this week to check w/ the warranty.


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sounds like it may be a bad amplifier
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