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ok i bought my power kit, has all the stuff to hook up to my battery and such, but what is the REM, GND, B+ things mean? and the romote bass. i have no clue what any of these mean, any help would be appreciated, thnx

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Remote: a switched 12 volt source to turn the amplifier on and off. Usually wired to the remote turn on lead in the head unit.

GND: ground; ground this wire to the frame or clean exposed metal...try to find existing bolts and use ring terminals for a secure ground. If you cant find existing bolts you can use a short self drilling screw and make a ground in a good area out of the way

B+ is +12 volts live (positive) ...Run this to the battery's + termial.

Remote bass it a little box that allows you to turn up the bass boost remotley withou having to climb into your trunk to adjust it. Use heavier wiring for Ground and Positive (GND and B+)..8 guage or heavier. You can use smaller 16-18 guage for the REM wire.
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