*sigh* borked amp. few questions.


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i bought a jbl bp300.1 amp off ebay. i hooked it up the other day and it didn't work. it turned on and everything, but no sound came out of the subs (kicker comp 12") but the speakers in my car (infinity ref. 5 1/4") were amped, but the bass was really distorted and not loud at all. also, when i turn the settings of the amp up the amp itself crackles and buzzes, and you can hear the beet of the bass in the song that's on. the sound comes out of these two coils of thick copper wire.
if anyone has any input on this it would be great.
my guess is that the amp's blown out. has a car amp tutorial for $89 but i'm poor, otherwise i'd buy it, the aquip and start repairing amps. so yeah, if you have suggestions they'd be appreciated. thanks

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Username: Narayana

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Well, i can't edit the post name, oh well, i might end up reposting.
More details on my case: i *think* i wired the subs correctly, there was only one wire going to the voice coil, so i ignored positive and negative wiring to the subs. the crackling noise only happens when the gain and frequency is turned up AND both RCA cables are plugged in. if i unhook one rca cable than the noise stops, plug it in, it starts. i'm going to check if the ground is on bare metal or not tomarrow when i wake up.
Red light on amp flashes only when gain/freq is turned up (red light flashes when crackling noise occurs)

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deff sounds like a wiring problem to me.
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