Kenwood kdc-319


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I bought this head unit off a friend and he doesn't know the security code, he also doesnt have the remote to it so i can't do that whole KCAR thing. Any ideas how to bypass the code.
also do I need to press anything after I put a code in for it to accept or does it automatically accept the right code? thanks.

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I have a kenwood kdc 6023 car stereo, i have recently disconected the battery and it is now telling me to "enter code". as i bought the car with the stereo in it, i do not know the code. do u have any idea what the code may be...

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i bought a jeep with the kenwood kdc-319 in it and i didnt know that it had a security function in it. when i added an amp and took the power off it and cut it back on it said that i need a security code for it to work. is there any way to bypass it or take it out completly so it will work. thanks a lot

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i have the kenwood kdc-319 and i was wondering if there was any way to bypass the security code function in it or remove it completely? thanks

should just be able to push the reset button on the faceplate when u loose power

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I have a KDC-319 as well. I got it in a miata I bought and it had a code on it. I have a RC-410 remote, which is the remote I think I need but still no luck getting shiit except code. Need help..................

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Hi - I have a KDC-319 that is Sirrius Ready. Do I need a tuner for it? Also - I need to get the serial number in order to subscribe to Sirrius and have no idea how to do that. I tried the Menue function and that didn't help. I lost the manual - hense all the questions.

Thank you

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If the radio is from 2003-2005, you can use the sir-ken1 tuner. it is needed and comes with everything you need, just install and register on line(saves a few dollars)just give ser number off tuner.

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HI I have a kdc-519 and a sir-ken1 hooked up to it but nothing happens when i hit source i need something else???? it said DISC a couple of times but never AUX..

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I have a kenwood kdc-319, no remote or directions, and what about the code??

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I Have a Kenwood kdc-319 hooked up to a sir-ken 1 but nothing happens. Do I need a different signal processor?

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I also have a Kenwood kdc-319 with a SIR-KEN1 receiver, but the Kenwood will not recognize it when I press the SRC key. It should ready SIRIUS so I can tune it to 184 to complete installation and activation. Anyone else ever have this problem?

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does anyone know how to tune to 184? I bought my car used, and it already had the kdc-319 installed. purchased a month, but I have know idea how to tune it to 184!!! please help before the month runs out!

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I am having the same problem as you Jazzlynx. I read some other forums that discuss the SIR-KEN1 as being prone to being faulty. I don't know but this is damn frustrating. A monkey could install the thing but I'm sitting here wondering wtf to do. Guess I'll return it and let you know how unit #2 works.

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Hey buddies!!!!!!!
This is the way you do it...
Step 1. You need a kenwood remote that has a phone style keypad(there are many of them they have numbers and letters like a phone pad)

Step2. Turn your radio on.... it will say ENTER CODE---- and look like this CODE----

Step3. Press and hold the DISP button and the volume up button at the same time for about 4 to 5 seconds, if you did this right you will be confirmed with a beep and the screen will change from CODE---- to CODE.

Step4. Your halfway there once you get to this far... now all you have to do is enter KCAR with the remote like your texting on a cellphone

Step5. To do this press the number 5 button, you will notice that a J will appear on the screen so just press it again and aK will appear to enter the K press the track forward button >>, then press the 2 for C and so on and so on til you spell KCAR...

The 6th and final step... press the track forward button once more to enter the code and there you have it folks...


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I need the wiring Dig. for my Kenwood KDC-519 that I bought from a friend and there is no Dig. on the unite........any one got a clue?

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Great job guys, I'm glad you know how to read service manuals. I hope Kenwood stops listing the method because of you theives.

James: Upload

If it doesn't have that harness, they're not more than $15 on ebay.

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I bought a car from someone that has a Kenwood KDC 319 installed. I had the car serviced and the battery was disconnected. I cannot access the stereo and don't know the code. How can I get access or the code?

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