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Hey, I am putting together a system and I have a few questions. I have 3 Xtant A1044 4-ohm DVC subs. I am planning to put them into a triple box and wire them to produce a 2.67 ohm load. I was thinking of buying a Audiobahn A8000t amp. This amp is supposed to be stable at 2.67 ohms and give me about 700watts RMS. Thats 233watts to each sub, which is about perfect for them. Somebody told me that there would be polarity issues with the subs being wired like that. Almost like the subs are working against each other. Will this be an issue? Also, for this amp, will I need a cap? I am kind of new to the whole car audio scene, so any opinions/info you have would be great. Thanks guys! I really appreciate it!

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Whoa, it's like I'm talking to myself!
A8000T should be 2ohms stable so you'll be fine. As for polarity issue, you shouldn't have any with subs.
Before you need a cap, you need to find out if your stock alternator will be able to handle the amp. Most stocks give 75A average.
Best way is to install the amp and test it. If your lights don't dim, then you're okay. If it does, then invest in a HO alternator. Capacitor will only help as long as your alternator can supply the needed power.
Under certain scenario, you can get by with just a cap. For example, if your amp's current draw is less than the energy stored in the cap, then it'll always get the power from the capacitor.

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Hey thanks for the reply. By the way, you have a cool name! LOL. I have not heard these subs before, so I hope they have good SQ. Has anyone happened to experience these subs before? Would they sound good in a sealed box? Because sealed is about all I can get for a triple box. Any thoughts on the A8000T? I really hope my alternator can handle an amp like this, cuz I don't want to have to shell out extra skrilla for a high output alternator!

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I haven't heard the sub's... that is a pretty good amp though.
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