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Hey, I just want a simple(no remote start needed), but effective system. I want to spend the least amount, but still know if some a$$hole is breaking into my car and make him pay... Thanx guys.

Take an old Coil off an old Olds or Chevy they hold a nice charge. Take and make a lil contact to mount on your door handle make another to the actual bar that holds that handle in place. Do it in such a manner that if someone was to lift up the door handle the 2 contacts touch together. Now mount that capcitor to the inside of your car underseat or somewhere. as you know a capcitor holds energy ofcoarse you will have to figure out a way to charge it shouldnt be to hard. but I gaurentee 1 thing someone tries to open your door they gonna get the shock of their life hehe. Ofcoarse they may just come back with some good gloves next time though (

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Username: Crazyfool289

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Registered: Apr-05
hahaha thats simple but i mean a real system, like where if they broke my window, or say, broke off my lock, it would let me know and have an alarm

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not top of the line, but not garbage.
and the price is good.
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