Sony XPLOD CDX-L600X in Greece :-(


Greek Paixtour
I am from greece and I purchased this head unit via a friend of mine in the states. It is great and has more power than evrything I've seen or heard, but I can't seem to make it tune to stations with frequencies ending in even numbers (eg 96,8 or 104.0) Is there something I do wrong or am I condemned to listen only in odd-ending frequencies? (How was I supposed to know you don't use all frequencies in tha USA...?)

Gamaou me Diafora
Ella re fillarako,

European tuners are tuned to even numbers and North American frequencies operate only on odd frequency steps. There maybe a switch at the back of the unit to change the stunig steps from NA to EUR. If that does not work, to exis fai sto kolo kai petakseto sta skopithia.
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