JL 1000/1 or PPI pcx 2200


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Im in the market for an AMP to push 2 12w6v2's and I was thinking about a JL 1000/1, but I have noticed that its an class A/B amp (lower efficiency) and I have the option now to get a ppi pcx 2200, its a little lower in power, but still well within the optimum range of the 12W6v2s, and its a class D, so its more efficient, but the drawback...if there is one, is that its 2% THD, from things I have read, THAT IS VERY HIGH, I though you never wanted an amp that was over 0.1%, I NEED A RESPONCE ASAP, cause I have about 2 days left to decide.... PLEASE HELP, THANKS IN ADVANCE

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Is anyone online, I want to bid if im going to go with this amp

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check out that review if you havent read it yet. I am the one who is selling that amp on ebay right now. The 2% THD is not audible and i ran my 2 12w6v2's off my ppi pcx 2200 and it was a perfect match. Keep in mind this amp is underated and puts out alittle more then 800rms. It puts out 800rms at 12volts unlike some amps that put out 800 at 14.4 I hope that helps out some. This is a efficiant amp and is very strong and reliable. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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I think you have it backwards, the jl 1000/1 is class d and the ppi is class a/b. I would go with the j 1000/1 in this case if I were you.
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