I'm in a mess I believe...Need serious help FAST


Jared Utterback
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I went to my car audio store and got 2 12" Diamond Audio subwoofers TM312D2 subwoofers. The only problem, a year later I looked at the subs and one is 2 ohms and the other is 4 ohms. They are both DVC and in separate boxes. I have a MTX MXA4002 amp that pushes 400W x 1 @ 4ohms and 200 x 2 @ 2ohms. What are my options to push these the hardest without blowing the subs?

Any help is appreciated.

They told me to wire one in series and one in parallel. Won't that present a 4 ohm load to the amp at 1 channel? Do you think the TM3s could run 400W RMS without problems? Or should I try something else?


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Do the subs have different model numbers? Sometimes manufacturers use different model numbers to designate different voice coil configurations. For instance, a 2 on the end of the number may mean 2 ohm voice coils. (You can use a multimeter to measure the DC resistance of the coils if you need to).

Try a true 3 channel amp like the xtant x603. If you bridge the two stereo channels (the front channels), you get 300 watts @ 4 ohms, while the 3rd channel (rear) is rated for 300 watts @ 2ohms.

Wire the voice coils on the 2ohm dvc sub in series for a four ohm load-use the bridged front output on the amp for this sub.
Wire the voice coils on the 4ohm dvc sub in parallel for a two ohm load-use the rear output for this sub.
You can still use the mxa4002 for your full-range speakers.

OR you could get another amp. Use the mxa4002 in bridged mode for one sub and get an mxa4001 (or similar) mono amp for the other. (It's rated for 400 watts at 2 ohms).

These are just a couple of suggestions.

Unfortunately, I can't find any info on that particular model sub. Just make sure when you hook up the subs that you can't hear any distortion. If you can hear the distortion, either the gain is turned up way too high or you are overdriving the subs.
If you tune the amp(s) correctly and keep the volume below 75% of max (hu), you should be ok. Diamond audio usually makes good subs and they should be able to handle a fair amount of power (without blowing up).

I hope that helps.

Also, what kind of enclosure are you using? That plays an important role in system setup/tuning as well as performance.

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The only safe way you could configure the system for that amp would be to wire the D2 in series and the D4 in parallel, and give each it's own amp channel. This won't be optimal as, like you stated, one sub will get double the power of the other.

Jared Utterback
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I have 2 small-sized sealed truck boxes.

They have been rated at 300W RMS on the old website Diamond had. Sorry I didn't post that earlier. I think my dad's gonna bring home an ohm meter just to make sure the tags on the subs are correct and not a misprint.

Thanks for the input!!!
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