Reccomended 4ch Amp for sound quality?


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Ive been thrawling through alot of posts on here and the most recommended amps i have noticed in my price range would be alpine,kicker,fosgate,audiobahn,Mtx

Im getting pioneer 220watt front speakers and a pioneer 25cm 1500watt sub in the back and taking the back speakers off the head unit,so in your opinions which amp would be value for money,sound quality wise/price wise

also one other thing ive never got does it matter how much power you put into a sub,for eg the 1500watt.....could you just use a 400watt 4ch amp or would you use 600watt/800watt or higher or is it just a matter of how loud you actually use it!!!

thanks for the help

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I'd look at a 5 channel amp as a single solution for everything. Kicker has a nice one to consider. gives power for the frint, rear, and subs. class AB for channels 1-4, class D for sub power.

the power rating on a speaker is a thermal rating that tells you how much heat, emasured in watts, the voice coils of the speaker can handle without incurring damage. you can always supply less than the RMS rated power handling to the speaker.
the power rating on speakers has nothing to do with how much power it takes to reach peak output either. that depends a lot on the speaker, the enclosure, and other factors.

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You might want to try 1 4 channel amp and a sub amp. Most 5 channel amps don't have enough power.
Xtant has few 4 channel amps that are very high quality, as well as PPI and Zapco.

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he's using a 10" sub (1500 watts? sounds like some cheap audiobahn junk) and pioneer components.
a 5 channel kicker amp is more than enough power for that.
cheaper than 2 amps too
also easier to install and less space taken up

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Opps I forgot what sub he was trying to power. I assume everyone is into sound quality.
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