Amp specs. help, please!


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looking at getting some 5.25" co-axle speakers that are rated up to 200w. needing an amp to power them. don't know too much about amps so please let me know if i'm approaching this the wrong way. i was looking at getting a 4 channel amp so i can power the 5.25" and some rear (4x6") for now. after i can get more money, i'd like to drop the 4x6" and replace with one or two subs. looking at 8" or 10" (i drive a little vw and am not looking at pleasing anybody but myself.) if i go with a 4-channel amp that's rated at 75w x4 @ 4ohms, can i use this same amp to power just the 5.25" and nothing else? i know i can, i guess i'm asking what's the rms i would get out of it? it says it's rated at 300w x 2 @ 4ohms in mono. is mono bad for coaxle speakers that are more than just bass? i'm just trying to make sense of what i should be looking for in an amp. my idea is that i would get something now that can push the 5.25" and then when i want and can afford sub/s, get another amp for them. suggestions? oh and the amp i'm looking at is audiobahn a6004t. thanks-b.

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also, can i run the 5.25" off just one channel? if so, what does that do to the ohms, watts? thanks-b.

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what do i have to do to get a response for someone here?

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have some patience. that would help.

there are some links here
and here
that will help explain the amplifier specs.

choose the amps to match the speakers you decide on. don't buy an amp then look for speakers.
generally a 50x4 amp is plenty for a daily driver for front/rear speakers. then you can add a mono amp ~300-500 watts for a sub and round out the sustem.
always use RMS power ratings. never peak or max.

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