Tuning a box???


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i see all these people talking about tuning their box to get greater db ratings. how do you tune a box to different hz settings? what would be the best size box and hz setting for my 12" Atlas?

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you would need to run the sub ib a flat line sq box then do test tones and after you find the resonant frequency (meaning your best hit single frequency) you build your enclosure around that. I use a computer program to find the best box for the most from that frequency.

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wow way too confusing.. anyway you could just buy them set to your sub allready? im not to smart when it comes to this stuff and it would help out if i could just buy stuff and get it installed and listen.. lol

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haha, sean or i could build stuff for your system, he is a genius with the ported crap, i cant figure that sh*t out lol

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all i know, is in a big box, a port 4" in diameter and about 15ft long is a port tuned to 35-40 hz.......my knowledge ends there, but will gggrrroooOOOwwwWWWWW

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i recently made my own ported box, i dont know why ported boxes arnt used all the time, as far as i am conserend...when they are custom of course. The SQ is damn near the same, and the SPL increases like 8db, in my system anyways...it rocks, but make sure if you buy a ported box that it fits the sub PERFECt...otherwise your gonna get a port sound or something that isnt right.
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