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I was looking at purchasing a PPI A404 to power my speakers. I have a set of boston acoustics pro 60's in the front and just some rear fill.

I want to know if the amp will be powerful enough for the the Boston's? They are 3 ohm so I am assuming around 75W RMS per component - note they are trying to keep up with 2 idmax's running around 750W RMS each.

Also I hear the art series are full range amplifiers.... what are they like producing low notes in 6.5 inch speakers? I am wondering if something with a crossover would be better as I thought it would be generally better to cut off frequencies around 80hz?


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With the Art series amp, you don't need any crossovers. It will produce very clean sound, including the low bass.

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i second Isaac. my ppi a300.2 powering my infinity perfects are great. better than mtx and audiobahn. i like it more than orion 250g4 too. more simple plus same sound quality.

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The crossover isn't for the amp, it's for the speakers. Like Isaac said above, that amp will handle any audible frequency beautifully, it's a question of whether the component speakers can handle that low of a frequency without being driven into overexcursion. That being said, most component speakers do better to be crossed around 80-100hz with a minimum 12db/oct slope. These crossovers are built into most modern head units, though.

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Thats gonna be running a ppi art 300.2 to my image dynamic cxs62 componant set and im gonna fine tune it from the eclipse 8454. Its alot easiar that way anyways.

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ok sweet, tell me then how does the PC series compare to the Art Series in terms of SQ.. are they on the same playing field?? I may choose a PPI PC4400 instead as it has more power.

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PPI PC series are as good as the Art series. I have both. You wouldn't be able to tell any difference even if you wanted. Both very good amps.
On paper, PC has slightly better spec.

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personally I prefer the Art series for their DIN signal path and aesthetics.
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