Eclipse CD8454 vs. CD8053


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Hey guys, I need your professional help (Car Audio that is). I've been struggling with which Eclipse HU I should go with:

Eclipse CD8053 (Originally $549 - on sale for $299)
Eclipse CD8454 (Originally $599 - on sale for $349)

My current setup on my 4Runner:
- Eclipse CD5303 Headunit (5V - no amplification)
- MB Quart Tweeters, Mids, Co-Axs
- JL Audio 10 inch subs (2)
- A/D/S P640 (6 x 40 watts)
- A/D/S P1400 (1 x 400 wattts)

I'm finally joining the IPOD craze and my current 5303 doesn't have an aux-in to support the IPOD input. I know these are slightly older models, but will fit my needs well.

Do you have any recommendations on which head unit would be the best for my current setup (pros, cons, pain-points, etc)? My biggest concern is that the 8454 is unintuitive/quirky/and the controls are frustrating. Would it make sense to go CD8053 for it's pure simplicity and sound quality OR go with the 8454 with all the bells and whistles (custom-tuning, mp3, etc)? Would the optional balanced line adapter for the CD8053 make sense in my case - to go 16 volt - or unnecessary with my A/D/S amps (which at least back in the day were great amps)!

I don't currently listen to MP3 discs (which the 8454 supports) don't think that's a big factor (unless I'm missing something and missing out)!

Thanks in advance!

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If you like the simplicity of the 8053, go for it. Basically, if you aren't going to use the tuning or native MP3 support, there is no reason for you to get the 8454 over the 8053. I've recommended the 5444 over the 8454 numerous times because people weren't going to use PRO mode, other than the tuning there wasn't a difference in the units. I know a few people that liked the 8053 better. The balanced line adaptor is always a good thing, assures optimum noise rejection.

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jonathan you wouldnt recommend the 8v over the 5v? it seems to me that it is a bit of an advantage even if they wouldnt use all the tuning options

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good question??? how big of a differance is the 8v to 5v?? i have the cd8454 but have yet to install it with my current setup im going with.

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I would definitely get the 8053. You only have to push one button to get/put in your CD. The NOB remote works WAY better, you get 16V if you buy that extra thing, and it's cheaper. You can't select different colors though (8454 green and red), but who cares, it is much easier to use. And that memory stick... I hardly ever use it. I do like the pro mode though, but if you are not an audiophile, it's not worth getting over the 8053. Get the 8053, trust me. I know them both well.

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5V is enough for most people, and you won't hear a huge difference between a 5V and an 8V preout in most applications assuming the install doesn't introduce any noise into the system. 2V to 4V is the bigger jump. 8V is always a better thing to have, though, you can keep your amp gains lower and have a lower noise floor in the system. The 16V balanced outputs of the 8053 would be killer.
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