Can I use EQ instead of XO for sub amp?


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I have a built in crossover on my amplifier, but I think its bugged/damaged, because I can actually hear the lyrics clearly through my subwoofer while it still pounds pretty decently..

Now, i'd probably buy an external crossover and connect that, but instead I have a decent 5 band Equalizier right here by me, and it says in the manual it can control all 5 bands by +/- 12 db.

Knowing this I have 3 questions.

1) can this equalifier do as good of a job as a crossover, in minimizing high frequencies??

2)If so, would it be as simple as doing the following.

Decreasing the db, to -12 for the 4 bands;
180hz, 750 hz, 3.3 khz, 12 khz.

Increasing the Db by +12 for the single band
45hz ????.

3) Running this Equalizer the way noted above, would the built-in crossover further help the signal by even further filtering out as much of the higher frequencies as possible, while in LPF mode ?

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forgot to ask as well. This system im installing for my friend, is for a deck that has pre-outs on his head-unit, but does not have a sub volume setting on his head-unit. So I was thinking if using this 5 band equalizer which has a masters volume knob.. if I used this EQ for his sub amplifier, would I be able to use the Masters Volume knob on the EQ as a sub volume setting that would normally exist part of his head-unit? So he can control the subwoofer volume using this EQ's Masters Volume knob?

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what frequency is your built in XO set to for the subs?
what size subs?

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Just checked the manufactures specs on the crossover, it says.

"40 Hz Low Pass Crossover"

As for the sub, its only one 15"
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