Need head unit install help clarion


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Ok.. Used a Subaru to unversal harness and then cut the universal end off and connected the wires to the headunit with crimping wire connectors. Using the wire maps from the headunit and harness, every thing matched up perfectly, CLarion and subaru even use the same color scheme. Now all the wires are mated, except the subaru end has just one yellow wire for 12V memory/battery and the head unit has 2 yellow wires left. Both are fused. One with a 15amp and a heavy gauge wire, and another with a 3 amp fuse and a thinner wire. The heavy yellow says "memory power lead" on the map and the thin yellow says "Bus power lead".

A couple things have me confused. First why are these 2 wires the only ones fused? Not even what I assume to be the main power lead (the red one, light gauge BTW) that the map calls simply "power lead" is fused. Second, why if the one marked "memory power lead" is just for the memory, would it need to be so much heavier than the main power??? Third, what the heck is the "Bus power lead"??? and why is it the only wire that subaru doesn't match??

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the heavy gauge wire is designed for running a dedicated 10AWG line to the positive battery terminal for power, and is fused for suvh.
the red power wire is iether ignition, or similar, and is fused through your car's fusebox vie the harness.

I don't recall what "Bus" is referring to, but you should be able to connect it to the same +12 line as the power line uses (from the battery terminal)
This is similar to Alpine's Vdrive setup.
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