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Awhile ago now I purchased a complete system without much knowledge driven mainly by price/brand at the time. I'm having a real fun time with the speakers and my car.

I drive a 90 Jetta (don't laugh) and the rear speakers sound like they should, but only sitting in the back (minus some rattling from other parts) but up front they sound horrible. It's just a hollow pop sound for the midrange/bass that comes from the rear, maybe not that drastic but it's certainly very poor quality sound. It forces me to constantly turn down the volume or turn the bass all the way down for some extra volume before the aforementioned problem occurs but I didn't buy a system to listen to music with no bass/volume. I do have a sub for bass but you can still hear the stupid sound over everything and recently my sub has been out on warranty because of a factory screw up.

I am unsure as to why it sounds so different from the middle of the car forward but if I had to guess I would say it's either some sort of conflict between the rear and front speakers or the paper thin ledge behind the seat to the rear window (where the speakers are mounted) is allowing some bad bounce around the trunk to screw things up.

I've tested it with/without trunk open and there doesn't seem too much of a change so that to me would discredit the idea of the bounce theory.

I've also tested it with just the rear speakers going and it still sounds the same way in the front so that pretty much removes the conflict theory.

I'm not really sure how to move forward with this problem at this point, my only idea is to create some sort of an enclosure for the rear speakers and see if that does anything.

However, before wrecking something I am requesting input from people who probably have a much better understanding then I.

It's an all alpine system with SPS080A front and SPS130A rear running just off the HU for now, CDA9826.

I know the rear can use 30 rms but the hu puts only 16 each channel and I can't remember the front but I'm sure it doesn't pump enough for that either. The speakers start to clip (At least I assume that's what it is) and sound like crap about 5-6 notches higher after the first problem starts (little over 2/3rds). I'd like to be able to go higher without ruining the speakers, would just getting an amp for speakers do the trick here? How would I know if the speakers have already been damaged? I never turn it up that loud after the first few times but every now and then someone tries to pull a fast one and cranks them. I always turn it back down right away but what would be the easiest way to find out for sure?

Thanks much in advance.
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