Bridging head unit


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can you bridge a head unit amp?

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no way. no how.
you also can't run anything lower than a 4 Ohm load on one.

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This is a technical question.
Say you have 20W rms X 4 for a head unit,
If you only use the 2 amplifier outputs for the front and not use the rear, would the power available for the front be about 40W rmsX2?
If not why not?

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no it's be 20wx2.
think of it this way:
each channel, or pair of channels is isolated. it's not one big amplifier that divvies out power to each speaker. each channel is a separate circuit more or less, so the load presented to that circuit itself determines the power provided to that channel.
that's about the simplest way I can put it.
you wouldn't get stereo separation if the amp channels were "pooled." since stereo relies on left and right channels being separate, and thus powered separately as well.
in regards to front and rear, even in external amplifiers, 4 channel amp is really two stereo amps in one casing. That's also why many 4 channel amps offer two main power leads.
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