Will this amp work?


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Ok here's my deal:

Ive just purchased a new Alpine CDA-9853 HU
and a pair of Infinity Kappa Perfect 6.1 components

I still need an amp and a sub, this is where i need the help

I'm going to start off by running only two speakers in the front of the car and then a sub.

A 4 Channel amp would work well for this im told, if i bridge two of the channels for the sub.

Im looking at Alpine amps because they can be controlled by my HU and they arent to shabby either.

Any suggestions on a moddel that would work? I need enough power for those Kappa perfects and a 10 or 12" sub.

Also im thinking that I may want to add two more speakers in the back for some mid-range fill. If i had a 4 channel amp i would just go get another mono amp to power the sub... Or would it be better to get a 5 channel amp?

Thanks for the help, i know i listed a lot of stuff, but im just trying to decide the best configuration

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BTW im thinking of going with an inifinity component Sub, what do you guys think of this?

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hey. i have a similar setup as u do. I have the
alpine cda-9835 hu which is great.
infinity kappa perfects 6.1 components powered by
a PPI A300.2 art series amp.
w/ a single 12" alpine type X sub in a slot ported box powered by a
JL Audio 1000/1 amplifier. this setup rocks.
IMO this I have a great SQ setup that also gets
very loud. So loud that I don't usually turn volume up past 18.
So i think u should buy a ppi pc or art series amp to power components and then a mono amp to power your sub. then u need a distribution block with 4 gauge wires.
no need for rear speakers. my setup sounded much better without rear speakers.
this setup would give u great SQ.

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A PPI amp would work nice for your components.

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So its not worth it to get an Alpine amp? The only reason im leaning towards them is the compatibility between the amp and the HU.

So get a two channel amp for the components and then another mono amp for the Sub?

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hey does anyone know what kind of amp i should get for 2 kicker 10L7s

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Wht kind of power do you recommend running to the kappa perfects?

would 75w rms sufice? or should i try to give them more power?

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the ppi pc2300 and ppi a300 art series are rated at 75 watts @4ohm x2. but that is only at 12v.
you will get near 100 or over 100 watts when in your car running because when running your car battery produces around 13.5-14.4 v.
so these two amps are suffice for the infinity perfects components which want 100watts.
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