Noise problem weather engine is running or not...


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I own a clarion DXZ735mp 2003 model head unit. It has both front and rear RCA outputs. If i run a single pair of RCA's to my sub amp, and jump them over to my mid/high's amp (sub amp has a built in line output for additional amps) the sound is fine, no noise, great sound. The downside is that i loose some pre-amp voltage by splitting off like this and i loose my subwoofer control feature (due to the fact my rear subwoofer output is set to full range at the head unit, without any lowpass filters so i can run my mids/highs) I decided to run another set of 'good' rca cables (sheilded type, made by monstercable) from the front rca outputs of the head unit. Problem is i get horrible noise, the noise is the sound of the cd speeding up/reading, amplified through my front speakers. I swapped RCA's with no luck, moved them away from any electrical wires etc, but still i have this horrible noise when the tracks are switched etc, or cd is reading.(and just a general humm when the cd is playing) Thing is it sounds fine being ran off the Rear RCA's put to full range split off from my sub amp. The deck just got back from repairs (the usual clarion break down after about a year...they replaced the entire loading mechanism...just like my previous clarion pfft) Either then buying an alpine, any suggestions on getting rid of this noise?

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