I need some help...alot.


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Alton, IL USA

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Ok, my name is Jordan and im 17 from Alton, Illinois. I have been wanting a sound system for some time, and I have one put on layaway. I have no idea how the installation works, what the amp hooks to or anything. (lol) I have the opportunity to pay it off tomorrow, however im having second thoughts..

Consists of:
Alpine Type-S 4x6 for my doors
Alpine Type-S 6x9 for back deck
Kenwood headunit - not sure which one
All of the wiring, wire harness etc.... but here is where im kinda caught up.
The business where I was buying all of this from has 2x Coustic 10 inch woofers that comes with a box and amp for $310.00...I think? (Receipt is at home with everything in detail, im posting this at school)
Now, call me a noobie, but I was thinking I wanted to go all Alpine, and just get the 10" Type-S woofers too..but then I would have to pay for a box and amp. If I did that, what amp should I pick up? Would this be a smart move? Is there something better than the Coustic's available in the same price range including the box and an amp? I have no idea and im completely lost as far as the sound system goes for my car. All in all with everything I have listed, its costing a subtotal of $850.00, not including installation. Also by the way, the place says that I can switch out anything on layaway, but it has to increase in cost...not decrease. I was told that the Coustic 10's that I have picked out run head to head with the Kicker Comps.

I would much appreciate it if you guys would enlighten me and point me in the right direction. THANKS SO MUCH!!

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Username: Jordan_l

Alton, IL USA

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By the way, forgot to post what car I have. Its a 2000 Chevy Malibu LS.

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u should go with all alpine.. you dont need a lot of watts to push a pair of 10"s... better if u get 2 subs instead of just 1.. u can get a good alpine mono amp off ebay for 100 or less.. like it would b like a 350-500watt amp.. i thinks its a rip off if you planing on buying the subs the amp and the box for 310.. u can get a way better setup up for less. or around the same price..
the install you can do urself.. u can match wire colors right..lol. the amp its all bout runing the wires. the box .. again u can get a box off ebay probably a q-logic box or whatever other cheap one u can find for around 50-60 bucks.. the subs its up to you.. 12's sound sh!ty to me. 10"s sound better.. or some 15"s!!....

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Username: Jordan_l

Alton, IL USA

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by the way... its 2 BP-104 4 OHM woofers, a 400s 2 CH 100W amp, and an Audio Enha(page cuts off there) Dual 10" Hatchback Box..all that for $299.95 + tax


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what is the best place to go thru the fire wall on a 2000 malibu for amp install.
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