*Shocking* alarms . . . are they legal?


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Hey Everyone,

Is it legal to run a current through the body of your car? I have seen a kit that makes your car's body like an electric fence :-) My stereo has been jacked twice in 10 weeks and I need to put an end to it :-( I live in Canada by the way.

I would put a sensor so that the electricity is only activated when the car is being tampered with.

My guess is that it is illegal :-(


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Wellll, I am no lawyer but....altough it sounds like a great idea if people are as sue happy as they are here in the US, if you did that and the sh*tbag got hurt he would probably sue you, and even if you won your court costs would probably be worth more than your stereo. How come your stuff gets stolen like that? Bad neighborhood or is it easy to see or both?

I have heard of some alarms with little speakers that are suppossed to hurt your ears inside the car when the alarm is tripped, don't know if they are any good but that seems like a less risky idea.

Oh and while we are talking about this kind of stuff, here is a REALLY good idea. Damn I wish we could have these here:


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Yeah, I have read about those flame throwers before too . . . I would love that!!! Althogh, it would certainly piss off the car owner's parked next to you :P A false alarm could also have some consequences :P

I really wish it was legal to electrify my car. It can't kill anyone . . . it is no more powerful than an electric fence, and I have been zapped by those a few times as a kid on my grandparent's farm. It's not a big deal, but you certainly learn to respect the fence :-) I want the same of my car . . .


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Hey Bryan, the problem with putting shock on the outside is, the criminals could say he accidently bumped into your car and sue you. Now if you did that INSIDE your car, then there is not way it can be illegal. That is what I would do, put a charge inside the car and put a little warning on the outside. That way, you are covered in the court. As long as the sign is visible from the outside clearly, it will be the criminals fault if he still breaks in.
Or you could get a big snake and put it inside.

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Bryan, ask your local police station about it. That would be great. Remember Robocop? When that thief gets electrocuted inside the car, NOW that is a theft DETERRENT system.

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I would like to electrify me widshield wipers because I get to many damn parking tickets, how could you send constant current through your car with out running a battery down quickly???

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People will find a way to sue your butt almost no matter what... I personaly suggest lexand windows and rip apart your doors like I did for my friend and install 2 acuators that put dead bolts into the side of the car from the door... so even if they pick the lock, it doesnt matter, there are 2 massive dead bolts keeping your door on, and let them try to break your LEXAND window.... heh.... my friends dodge ram rules now, ud have better luck going through the roof of the car than a door, and im not sure a stereo is worth all that trouble, besides, you can always invest in some extra metle on the roof... make it so they dont wanna get in... also... get a field disturbance sensor so the alarm goes off before they even touch your ride.... but im wondering, what if the theft is smart, and wears gloves... like lots do... electric car wont help much then... but considder this, hes not, but he gets zapped to (s word here) from touching your car... you just tell the court that it was static electricity.. just make sure u got rid of your system heh... or put strips of metal on the underside of the door handles that are electrified through an old car coil or something... with a sign that says warning: electrified handles.. do NOT touch... or hire a big black man named benny.... heh... just have him sit in ur passanger seat... or hire some hoods to watch your car... it will be worth it for them to have a returning customer... theres SOOOOOOOO much you can do... i personaly like them not being able to get in the veicle idea..... a theft deterent system ive heard of is tear gas from under the dash on both side... just a little bit as a warning.. or mustard... all kinda stuff you can do man...
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