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I am looking for some advice/assistance with a problem with a car stereo. I have a PT Cruiser and have recently had a Dension MP3 Player installed in it. I have had the MP3 player for a few years and used it in several cars and so know what it normally works like. Since it has been installed in this car it has not been working correctly it keeps automatically pausing and sometimes freezes up altogether. The hi-fi shop that installed it said that it looks like it is caused by the alternator (they used the term spikes?), everytime the alternator power changes ie if you put the lights on or windscreen wipers or the idling speed changes etc it seems to affect it and that maybe an alternator capacitor would solve it but said that they are not readily available nowadays and don't know where to get one.

In a bid to get things sorted I have been looking on the internet and found your web site and thought you maybe able to help?
Are you able to advise if this problem sounds like it maybe alternator related and if so:
a) would a capacitor of some sort resolve it,
b) who makes such a thing that would fit my car and
c) how much would it cost ?

Any advice or assitance would be really appreciated as I am now struggling because the hi-fi shop appear to have lost interest now it is not straight forward .....

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