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Hi. Bought an amp, sub, and a pair of 6x9s from a mate, and want to hook em up into an MPV (Renault Scenic), don't laugh!

Its a 800watt amp (4/3/2/1channel), a 1000 sub (actually got 2, but only want one for now), and Sony speakers with the tweeters sticking out the middle.

I took the wires from the rear stock speakers and put them on the input to the amp, using bridging cables, to all four channels.

Then, the 6x9s are connected to output 1 and 2, and then for the sub i put the positive to channel 3+ and the negative to channel 4- (a line is painted on saying bridge, so is this correct?).

The seem to play ok.

My main concern is the power. I have a long fused cable for the battery and a short brown one for the earth, as well as a long blue one for REM. However, I do not know how to go about getting the actual wire into the bonnet to the battery. I cannot do any drilling or other modifications to the car.

Therefore, for now I have decided to make use of the cigarrette lighter sock (not being stupid, keep reading!). Obviously I'm not just wiring it straight to that I don't want it to melt.

I got a pc power supplie, joined the green to a black (to keep it turned on when there is power), got all the yellow (12volt) and the same amount of blacks(ground) together for two big cables. Connected the black to ground, and the yellow to batt which i also bridged to rem to keep the amp turned on when powered.

When plugged into the mains (house), all works perfectly. Therefore, I have an invertor which converts a 12v car cig supply to a standard house outlet. Used this to plug in the power supplie, and all works fine.

However, when I turn on the engine, the power supplie won't start, or rather it cuts out if it was already on from ignition. The inverter power light stays on, but makes less noise and thats as far as the power seems to go (however, all other things i've tried on it are powered fine). Then when I turn the engine off, still does not work until i remove the key and the invertor from cig socket for about 30seconds, then its all back to start.

The invertor is rated at 450watts surge, but 50watts soft start, could someone please help explain exactly how this could effect?
The cig lighter is a second socket in the back of the car with a label saying 150watts.

Also, an issue with the 6x9s I want to clarify. I haven't mounted them or anything, but there are two storage holders at the side of the parcel shelf which they fit into nicely. When playing, the tweeters seem to work fine, but no bass is heared (despite the cone moving around like crazy). Is this because the speakers should be built into a proper cabinet? I am not too concerned as I've got the sub for bass, but still I would like to clear this up.

If anybody could help me with these issues i'd be very grateful.

1. Speakers connected correctly.
2. How to get cabling into battery
3. Get power supplie to work when engine is running.
4. Correct position of 6x9s to enable bass

Thanks in advance,

you need to hook up your ignition wire #3 go through fire wall #2
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