X.x.x or MT?


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i know both these subs kick a** but what would be better, 2 x.x.x's or a single MT. both run with optimal wattage, sub and box?

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It all depends on your ultimate sound goals. I think a single subwoofer set up is usually better because the difference is some couple dB's. I would go with the X.X.X., but thats just me.

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MT is a Dragster that runs a 6 second quarter mile. X.X.X is a Ferrari that runs a 10.5 quarter mile.

Both are fast as hell, but depends on what you want. More handling and comfort on the Ferrari or sheer thrust and murking power from the dragster.

That should clear things up.

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The MT is mainly an SPL competition sub. It is not ment for daily use. The SQ isnt very good.

The X.X.X. in a great daily driver sub. It has very good SQ and gets very loud. It would be my pick if you are going to be using the sub daily.

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once again I agree with Marshall. Hey Baby that was a pretty nice analogy:-)

not to jack ur thread and i know all of you are tired of comparisons but how many 15 X.X.X's or SX's would it take to match the a 15" MT if both were in same car both were being powered with what the power they recquires in boxes that were built to spec of each sub.

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Thanx James.....

So many people just don't get it, ya know?

A dragster is NOT a daily driver, but is by all means faster than a Ferrari. Same thing with the MT...Wayyy louder than a X.X.X, but not for daily driving.

With the Ferrari, it is still fast as sh*t, but more a daily driver ( a really expensive one, that is) as the X.X.X is. Still loud as sh*t, but more "comfortable" in terms of SQL.

You always lose something when you gain something, remember that.


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One more thing....

Even though Ferraris are not as fast as dragsters, they will still smoke almost all other cars out there...

As with X.X.X's, not as loud as MT's, but will pretty much decimate almost all other subs out there.

OK I'm Done :-D

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good way to put it BaByBrOcK.
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