CED? certified watts! Amp question INTERESTING ALPINE 8000T


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Alright so i waz at best buy and i was actually told that differnt car amplifier company measure there amps in differnt watts' so a sony amp that says is 300watts could really be 150 watts..
I was told now there can be a certified way to check the power of the amp.


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your right about different companies measuring wattage ratings differently then others. brands like sony display the peak all over the amp, box...ect...to make you think you'll be getting 1000 watts from that $200 amp, when you will only get around 300. you have to look at the RMS ratings, voltage and ohms they use to get the rms ratings too. also, check out the on amp fuses if they have them, because your obviously not gonna pull 1000 watts with a 30 amp fuse.

about the alpine amp you speak of, i haven't seen a 80OOT, but alpine amps are pretty good about putting out what they say, but again, that 800 watts at 2 ohms is prob at 14.4 volts, so if you only give it 12 volts you'll prob get like 600 watts from it.

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The Alpine amp he speaks of, is really AUDIOBAHN lol. I own and run this amp. To be honest, I haven't measured its output, but have noticed that it pours a great amount of power into my subs. So much, that I have the gain set at barely above 1/4 up. Is that enough to tell you that the amp will pound the heck out of your subs? Although, That's within reason, don't go hooking a Kicker 18" SoloX up to it, and expect it to be able to max that beast out! But the power it provides to each of my 500RMS subs, is very substantial, as well as nearly no audible distortion.
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