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I just bought a set of CDT ES-620 components and need to figure out exactly where I should install them for the best sound. I have a 2002 Honda Civic Si with the mid located in the door and the tweeter in the sail panel. I have thought about kick panels but don't know if there is anyone around here that I would trust to do a good job making them. Also, I like how the tweeter mounted up high in the sail panel raises the overall image, but I also know that is not the ideal position for it. I do often notice distinct sounds coming from both the tweeter and the mid rather than the components sounding like a single source as they should. I would like to get a hold of the braxials, but I got such a good deal on the 620's that I couldn't pass it up. Anyway, should I just go ahead and cut a hole for the tweeter in the door panel and mount it immediately above the mid, or is there some other solution? Thanks for the help.

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you notice the sound not comming from a single source because of the seperation (off axis) of the mid and tweeter. there are some speakers that will work with the seperation and sound good still, some won't. i say, try thoes in your stock location, see how it sounds to you. kicks are great if they aren't blocked or too far away. i've seen people use a metal strap to bend and place the tweeters on in front of the woofers like a braxials and it sounded good, so you could try that if you wanted too.

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Justin, I would put the mid in the door, and take some double sided tape and play with the tweeter location. The only way to really know is move it around till you find a spot you really like. I would try to keep the tweet pretty close to the mid so you don't get into the same problem you are having now. When I did my last stereo I spent about a month trying new locations moving the tweeter a little at a time. Once I found the spot I liked I marked it with a pencil and then cut my hole. (make sure to put a small mark were the speaker is when you find a spot you like, so you can go back to it later)

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Jeremy stated it perfectly. Generally the best place to put them is near the midrange so that the sound meshes. Try to keep it within like 6 inches of the midrange, but try everything before you make any cuts.
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