98' Eclipse w/odd wiring setup & hacked connector (Need help ASAP)


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Heres the deal, Before ANYTHING was touched, only the front 2 speakers played, a guy took out factory cd player, and CUT OFF the factory harness before deciding he didn't know WTF he was doing; so I put the harness back like it was, but I noticed a few wires seemed to be missing from the harness plug, and I got to looking and the blac/red constant +12 has 3 wires that combine into one (doesn't look like a factory job, looks afro'd) and the same goes for the rear speakers but this is what i've found out so far

+12 Constant - Red/black = 3to1 DEAD (fuse is good though)

+12 Switched - Blue = Good
Ground - Chassis = good
Illumination - green/white = good
Dimmer - black/yellow = good
Antenna trigger - white/black = Missing
LF Speaker(+) - black/white - Missing
LF Speaker(-) - black - Missing
RF Speaker(+) - black/white - Missing
RF Speaker(-) - black - Missing
LR Speaker(+) - yellow/blue - 3to1 works
LR Speaker(-) - gray/blue - 3to1 works
RR Speaker(+) - yellow/red - 3to1 works
RR Speaker(-) - gray/red - 3to1 works
Unknown?? +12 - Black/blue constant +12 (even when fuse pulled)

I hooked the factory radio back up, didn't come on so I ran a new +12 fused constant line, and radio come on, but no sound as if speakers weren't hooked up (again front speakers did play, wires MIA now) and the radio later within ~2mins after the switch was cut off the display would "pulsate" as if the switched +12 was shorting out, but a test with multi meter concluded +0.003 with switch off and +12.932 with it on. I removed the factory radio, and hooked the new radio in (Off brand rampage??) and I had to run a seperate ground wire (no biggie ground wire ran to chasis to ground wire on radio harness) and I hooked all the wires up accordingly but again I couldn't find a set of wires for the RF and LF speakers, but none the less the new radio works but only back speakers play, and the part that I don't understand about that is with fader to the left all the way the right side gets really loud, and with the fader to the far right, the left speaker goes off, and I've double and tripple checked the speaker wires and they are connected right. So, now that i've said what's going on and etc:

What do you guys make of this?

I personally feel that I should just run new speaker wires to all the speakers and then use the constant +12 I ran, and the ground wire I ran and use the switched +12 from the original harness and have her buy a decent cd player.
Any info/comments is appreaciated.


I say STFU noob and go get you di*k sucked and a** plugged by the guy who cut the plug.

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Ohh, you're so brave, you even posted as Anonymous. You're my hero, seriously.

Anyway, what are you doing with the remaining wires from the headunit? Do you only have the rear speaker wires from the headunit itself hooked up? And you clipped off the 3to1 thing, right?


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I clipped off the 3to1 bit on it all, but when I do that the volume is really low/ messed up so I put it back, and the wires that aren't used atm I have taped up so they don't short anything out :/

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Sounds like your best bet is to run a new power wire, new ground wire, and new speaker wires and be done with it. (I hate it when morons cut the factory harness) Makes thing way more complicated than they need to be.
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