Anyone Know anything about Alphasonik Amps


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Hey whats up, I was just curious to know what your guys's opinions were on Alphasonik amps, I have the Alphasonik PMA1000HCA on order, It says it will push 1500 Watts x 2 RMS, and 3000 watts bridged, and 6000 Watts max all at 1ohm stable, im planning on running 2 Kicker Solo-baric L7 15s, basicaly I just want an opinion on this set up, its going in an 2003 extended cab ranger, Check it out here



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Hey Shawn, what made you purchase Alphasonik? I doubt you will get 3000w rms on that amp before it blows up.
Here's a simple measuring guide for amps. $1 per 1w of power. Take any good manufacturer and it will be close to it.
You take your amp, $469 divide by 3000w rms, and you get around 15 cents per watt.
That is in the Sony and Pyramid amp's range.
You will never get something for nothing in life. The same thing for car audio.
It's like a car dealer offering Porsche Turbo 911 for $10,000 brand new. You know that won't happen.

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Thanks for hittin me back on my question, If anyone else has any info on the amp let me know, thanks

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I just went to the Alphasonik web site and looked up the amp, I think that is their ILS rating for the amp (If Lightning Strikes). Alphasonic made a good amp back in the day but they were sold to US Acoustics who totally ruined the product. They were then bought back by the original owner and are now known as Alphasonik. Enough with the history lesson, there are 2 things that stand out to me, first the amp only takes a 2 guage power and ground input. Any respectable 1000 watt + amplifier will have no less than a 0 guage power & ground input, and secondly Alphasonik amps are not rated with CEA-2006 (this is now the industry standard for rating amps, if a manufacturer isnt rated with this standard then they dont want you to know what the amp really does). My guess is this amp will probally do between 800 and 900 watts rms and that should be enough for the L7 15's just don't get gain happy and turn the gain all the way up on the amp because you will create the speaker killer known as distortion. Good luck, Tom

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