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Can someone explain to me the point of bridging amps, and what happens to the current when you do bridge amps, advantages/disadvantages.. just an all-rounder on what bridging amps does for you. also how many amps can you bridge if there is a limit. thanks

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Well you dont really bridge amps together you strap amps together and not all amps can be strapped together. If you have a 2 channel amp by bridging you combine the 2 channels into one and double the power. If its a mono amp its already bridged internally and doesnt have to be bridged.

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Okay, sorry, but i have a question.
How do you wire 2 amps? you know (one for your subs and one for the rest of the car, such as doors and rear speakers.) Do you "bridge" the amps or do you run two wires, one for each. How does this work?

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thats kind of where i was going with my question.. see i want to know how poeple have like 9 amps in their car, all seem to communicate with eachother and stuff. is there a way to hook up maybe more than 3 amps at a time? never tried it before.

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Some amps have out puts as well as in puts. These amps can be run from one to the other with rca cables. If the amp does not have out puts. Then you have to use Y cables for each amp.
If more than one amp is being installed. You need to add all the fuses in the amps up and get their total. You get the right gauge wire from the total amp draw. Also the in line fuse should be more than the amps fuses total but less than the max for the gauge wire being used. In line fuse need to be less than 18 inches from the battery +. When the hot wire gets near the amps here you need a fused power distribution block. The wire from each amp goes to the power fused distribution block. For the ground you need a distribution block so you have just one ground.

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Okay, assuming you were using a JL Audio 500/1 for your subs (dual 10W3 in a HO box). And were planning to put in a JL 300/4 for your others (JL 6x9 and JL 5.25 both VR-CXi series).
Would you connect the 300/4 to the 500/1 as if it were a power cap or the other way around or whatever. And do you think i would want to use a power cap for this?
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