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Well I don't. Isaac, what is a good amp I can get for around $150-$200 NIB on an online site such as wooferect, etronics, hookedontronics, (so on and so on). As you know I have had bad luck with ebay, but still don't want to pay retail price. I aslo know an amp I can get for this price will not be a PPI PC/Art or Orion G4 quality. I want 75 watts at 12v or 100 watts at 14.4 volts (just somthing around that power range). The amp will power CDT-CL61 component set. So please feel free list as many amps as you want or just curse me for asking you so many questions. Thanks

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You could get an Audiobahn A4002t. It's
100wattsx2 at 4ohm. It's only 160 @ Onlinecarstereo.com. Pretty decent amp for the money even tho it is an audiobahn. Also there is the MTX MXA4002 which puts out 100wattsx2 at 4ohm. $200
There is also the Phoenix Gold Octane R 4.0:2 which puts out 75 watts.
Also a lot of MTX amp (MTX thunder 342 , acaraudio.com) and Alpine mrv T320 T420 amp that are under $200. There is the Kicker KX350.2 which puts out a bit more than 100 wattsx2. these are a few pretty decent amps.
If you search you could probably get a PPI PCX amp for under $200.

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Brian, with your CDT components, the best amp is PPI's PC/PCX or Art series/Orion's HCCA G4 amp.
I've checked out some of the online sites and lot of them carry lower brands that yield high profit margins such as Sony/Pyramid/Lanzar/Pyle etc.
The ones that do carry PPI/Orion/Zapco, they want over $400.
So if your budget is only $200, then eBay is your only choice.
Adam on here is selling his PPI PCX 4125 amp. It's 125w x 2. Will work well with your CDT.
Check the posts on PPI here. I've seen it. I think he still has it on sale.


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Thats whay I thought. I think I have found a good deal on a used PC4200. I guess I'll end up getting it and bridging the chanels to get 100w x 2. It still offers the 24db/octave rca out for my sub amp. The high pass is only 12db/octave. Still better than most. Thanks for all the help Isaac. Also I think I'm gonna follow in a few of you guys footsteps and get a 250G4 for my sub amp.
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