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If I am going to connect two amps do I really need a distribution block? The Amp Is A Mtx 940 rms amp
And A PPI 300 watt amp. If So What Kind of gauge wire do i need From the battery to the distribution Do I need 4 gauge Wire from the battery to the distributioon block and split two 8 gauge wires to the amps. Does any one know where i could get an amp kit with a 150 amp fuse i only find kits with 80 amp fuses.And Im Also wanting to install a 2 farad capacitor Hwo do I do that I'll try to install it myself before i let those b@stards at circuit city or best buy touch my car. Please help me.

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You don't really need a distribution block but having one will make multi amp installation that much easier.
Since you're installing 2 amps totaling over 1000w rms, 4 gauge wire will be required. If you're lucky, you might find 4 gauge power wiring kit at Walmart. They usually sell for around $35.
Why do you need 150A fuse? The most you'll need is 110A according to your post.
eBay is your best bet for large size.
Don't get 4 gauge to 8 gauge distribution block. Instead look for one that's 1/0/4 gauge in to 1/4/8 gauge out. It costs around $12.
Be careful with the ground wire. If not done properly, you'll induce alternator/engine noise.
A capacitor should be 1F for every 1000w of power. Therefore, 1.5F - 2F is good.
To install a capacitor, connect pos to pos and neg to neg on the amp. Try and keep the wires to 12" - 18" in length.
If you don't charge the capacitor first, then you'll get very strong sparks, enough to cause some damage to the terminals.
If you have 12v light bulb, then connect one of the ends to pos on cap, and the other end to the pos power wire. Connect neg to neg. Now the light bulb should be lit, and will eventually go out once the capacitor is fully charged.
All this instruction will come with the power wire kit and capacitor.
Good luck.

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Isaac could you maybe show me one like the one i need cause when it comes to distribution blocks i dont know nothing. Wow I dint know that a capacitor was that easy to install. so after i charge it i just connect it to the amp where it says Battery and ground on the amp. I did the math wrong on the fuse it came up to 130 but i wanted a 150 amp fuse just so ican make sure it dosent blow out I could get a 120 amp fuse at the local shop i'll just get that one. Also Do You think i need to install some fans in my trunk Whont it get hot back there after listening to music fo two hours, especially in the phoenix heat sh!t it gets up to 115 out here.

Thanks for helping me out.

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