Clifford RSX3.5 on 2003 Chevy Tahoe


Hello, need some questions answered. Any help would be great. Sorry if these are newbie questions, but I am not very knowledgable about car alarms. I recently purchased a Cliford RSX3.5 for my '03 Chevy Tahoe from my local Goodguys. They also did the install. Here are my questions, please bare with me...

1.I feel like I was overcharged. I thought this has the built in remote start, but they charged me something seperate for the remote start. Here is was what they charged me I getting ripped off? This is whats on the receipt.

Clifford RSX3.5 $229.99
I-alarmremstart AMP $215.00
Direct 456G(I don't know what this is) $59.99
AAMPOF Relayn $50.00
Misc shop parts $4.99
Labor $200

Total= $759.97

2.What are the standard features of this alarm? I want to make sure I'm getting all the features I'm supposed to be getting, and them not charging me for it.

3.Is it possible to turn things on/off like passive arming or adjust such as sensitivity of sensor via the remote pager? Or is this something only the installer can do?

Again thanks for all the help in advance!


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$229 for an alarm with remote start is a little low. $450 is about right, for the alarm part.

Direct 456G, This is a part that has to be used for your vehicale. Its an interface module that alows the alarm to work with your tahoe, instead of against it.

AAMPOF relayn ???

Shop parts $5.00 yeah I can see that.

$200 for labor, that seems a little shady. Every alarm I have had installed the labor was part of the price. But then again 750 for an alarm with remote start and responder isn't that much over what I would expect.

Ok here is 3 links that should be able to help you. The first gives you info on the alarm, second is the manual, third is a dealer locater. I would find another dealer in your locale area and ask them what they charge. If you find out you were screwed contact clifford, the company, and if they won't do anything your locale media. Once the media gets involved, or you tell a locale company they are going to be on the news, and not in a good way. They will normally help you out.

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What is the I-alarmremstart AMP $215.00 for?
The 456G is a data bus interface that is required on most newer GM vehicles. The AAMPOF Relayn may be the Passlock interface which is also required for most newer GM vehicles. The $200 labor is about right. At our shop (Ultimate Electronics, Roseville MN) Your alarm would be as follows:
Alarm $229.95
Basic labor $195
Shop fee $10.00
456G data bus interface $39.95
Labor for above $35.00
555L Passlock interface $34.95
Labor for above $35.00
Roughly $580 plus tax.

Have they explained what each line means? Did you get additional accessories?

Many newer cars require additional parts to interface with the vehicles anti-theft system and sometimes the data-bus as well. They should have been up front at the time of purchase.
Good Luck..........Tom @ Ultimate Electronics 651-631-2392
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