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i am looking to set up the best SQ i can have in my 1999 kia sportage. i have the stock components in my door. I am looking to buy aftermarket speakers(CDT) but i want to get the most out of them. So i am looking to build some kick panels to get the right sound stage. The midbass said they need 1.13 liters. I am pretty skilled in building boxs for subs, but how would i get a kick panel to be 1.13 liters. Second what kind of material would be best to use in building them? Where is the best place to mount the tweeter and the midbass? if you guys could help me that would be great.

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sorry to bump this

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Usually you'll want to put the tweeter about 5 inches from the midbass. But it's all preference, so your gonna want to try everything. Kick panels usually aren't that great because of how far down they, but like I said already, you're gonna want to experiment.

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well, in a car kicks will usually work great, its in trucks and suv's that you have a problem. fiberglass is prob the best material for thoes. and unless the speakers can make up for the tweeter being further then 5 inches from the center of the midbass (off axis) then you want to put the tweeters within 5 inches of the midbass.

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1.13 liters, or 11.3 liters (or 113)? 1.13 must have been a typo, that comes to .039 cu ft, nearly as small as the displacement of the driver itself. Kick panels are ideal for a car since you are bringing the pathlengths of the speakers together as closely as possibly, aiding acoustic phase and minimizing cancellation. Your imaging will improve and the SQ will be better.

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i have an suv type car, would kick panels still improve the SQ?
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