Subs have less volume when i use both amps!!!!!HELP!!!


i had another thead on this same subject but couldnt get the help i needed....maybe this one will do better...

i have 2 L5 12 solobarics and 2 amps (600w rms each)

i have one sub on each amp

when i hook up one amp (either one) to the HU and set the gain its pretty loud, but once i run my RCA from the first amp to the second the sound is much lower....bout -3dB or more!!!

Glasswolf said i may have a sub out of phase but they are both hooked up in parralell and are in phase!!! my pos. is pos. and my neg. is neg.

what could be wrong....

do i have to reset the gain on an amp if i add another amp to the same RCA output on my HU???


david boker
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what kind of head unit is controlling those amps? maybe the voltage on those HU outputs is low, and a lot of the signal is lost in the transition from the one amp to the other. get an eclipse HU and JL audio amps, much better!!!

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try using Y splitters instead of the pass-through of amp 1?
the gains should be set according to the line voltages.
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