Fuse size, 3 questions


1-if i have an mtx 251d, what size fuse should i use?
2-if i have an mtx 311d, what size fuse should i use?
3-if i use both amps, what size fuse should i use?

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If you are asking about the in-line fuse at the battery. The in-line fuse needs to be the same size or bigger than the fuse in the amp. If both amps are used then you add the two fuses together. The in-line fuse is there to protect the wire and the car. Make sure you used the right gauge wire and don't put a fuse in bigger than the wire is rated for.

yes im askin bout the in line fuse. well thats wierd...one of my freinds has the mtx 251d amp and he had it professionally installed, they put in a 50 amp fuse and that amp only has a 25 amp fuse in it. the wire used was 8 guage tho if that matters.

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Maybe that's all they had at the shop? To be correct, it should be 25A, not 50A. The amp will die before the 50A fuse blows.

so if he coninues to run his amp with the 50A, will it hurt his amp eventually, if so how long will it be til it dies?

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Well as long as there is no electrical problem in the car, it'll be fine.
The reason for fuse in the first place was for safety and to protect the amp. So by having a 50A fuse, it'll guarantee the amp will fry before the fuse blows.
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