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Hey, I just got a new amp for my 2 12's and I had everything set up, since I burned my last amp, I got a new one and I set it up, turn the music on and it bumps for like 5 seconds and then it goes low and all my speakers sound like #&*!, all static scractches and clicking noises?????? WHY???

I have a 96 pathfinder, and a friend said something about needing a relay at the remote wires, cause my car system might have a stock amp, but when I mess aroud with the remote and blue and white stripped wires, it bumps on and off, amp doesnt go in protection or anything.

I put my factory head unit in and it works fine but the facroty unit obviouslyt doesnt have any output wires for the RCA's, I cant test my system on it, but the system bumps fine.

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too hard for you guys ???? whats going on, you guys usally post on something within an hour.

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check ALL your wring...speaker wire, remote,rca,power,ground...sounds like a short somewhere in the rca cables

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Dole, you need to provide more info than that. For example, what HU do you have? What is the brand of the amp? Who did the wiring? Do you have the wiring harness for your car?
When you say "all your speakers", are you talking about front and rear or including the 2 subs?
What is the brand and make of the amp and subs?

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ok sorry, amp is bazooka 600 watts ( I returned it) and 2 12 inch bazooka subs (600 watts each at 4 ohms) xplode head unit (blown), well it turned out that I have a facvtory amp, and I tried running 2 amps at the same time and I burned my head unit, so I returned the bazooka amp, got a head unit, and I bought a pioneer (760 watt), and what I did was, I bypassed that facroty amp, and I am gettting that head unit in 2 days, cause it had to be special ordered, and I'll let you guys know how thats going to be.
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