My amp is making a buzzing noise


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my amp is making some kind of buzzing noise, its not a fan bc it doesnt have one and its not from the speekers.....any ideas?

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Username: Volsrule2069

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note: the protection light comes on

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How are your subs wired?

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when does the light come on? while playing songs, at the time you turn on the stereo? what kinda amp you have
did you check all your connections?
is the nosie non-stop? you check the connections for your speakers?

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it come on right when the car is turned on, when the amp gets power, all connections are right as far as i no, it hasnt allways made the niose and the light hasnt always come on either, they both started happening tat the same time......i ahve 2 12" subs running parellel to a bridged 2 channel amp.....the was a piece of paper that said not to do something like that if u have a 4 ohm load.....i think it may be 4ohm but im not sure so i did it anyway, and nothing bad happened, all help will be appriciated

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If you have a mutimeter check the resistance of your subs(in parallel). If its close to zero then you may have a shorted voice coil. If you don't have a multimeter there's a couple of other ways to check your subs. You could try disconnecting each sub one at a time or hook up a flashlight battery to each and see if the cones move.

However, the first thing I'd try is disconnecting both subs at the amp and see if it still goes into protect mode when you turn on your system. If it does its most likely a problem with the amp.

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