What do you guys think of this?


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I have been going back and forth as to wat subs i wanted to buy .. I am an SQ guy but I want some SPL as well ... I was looking into buying
2 12 inch W6v2's
with the JL e1800

if u guys have ne other setups that will fall into this category.. please let me know ... i wanted to spend about 1000 dollars on the amp and subs...

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I would say get the w6s but not the jl amp. You can get better for cheaper,thats not even the top of the line jl amp. The same goes for the subs,im a big jl fan cuz ive heard wut they can do,I even own one 12w6v2 myself.But they are overpriced,ill admit it. Maybe you should go with 1 12" w6 and a 500/1(if you want to stick with jl),zapco,orion hcca amp.I know that RE x.x.x.,adire's brahma,id max,are all in the same price rang as the w6,but ive never heard any of those and they all need like 1000 watts rms.

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Twiztid is right. I whould stick with the 12w6v2 because i have owned 2 of them in a sealed box. BEst SQ to date from any sub ive used. Plus you get over 130 db easy. I ran 2 12w6v2's off a PPI PCX 2200 and it sounded amazing. I whould say its a sql sub. perfect for what you want. Just use 1 12w6v2 and match it with a 500/1. I am selling a new $500/1 for around $375 plus shipping and its never been used or installed. The other guy Trevor wants to buy it off me. You can check out my feedback on ebay..im 100% let me know if you whould be interested in that setup cause itll sound good. By the way the 500/1's retail for $439-$500 right now online or at the dealer easy. Also i whould recommend putting that 12w6v2 in a slot ported box. YOu'll get 3 db more and itll sound so clean. I whould tune the box to 32hz and set the infrasonic filter to 25hz and your set. you can confirm this with jonathan.
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