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considering putting in a jlw3 10" into the trunk of a 92 camry. What amplifier setup should i use? Im not sure if I should get the 2 or 4 ohm coils. considering a sealed enclosure. The sub is rated to 300(rms)

well if your putting one sub in i would go with the jl 250/1 monoblock amd if your using 2 put the 500/1 amp in. i have 2 12 w3's on a 500/1 and these suckers rock my word the bass is outstanding and i wouldnt give them up for the world. buit overall i think JL makes just as good of an amp as it does a sub . but whatever you do dont ever invest in the components and coaxials...

Interesting. what is the impedance of your subwoofers?

I'll sell you two jl0w3's for $200. Should work fine in a sealed enclosure, but there is much more to be had with these subs in a ported box. As far as which impedance to get, it depends on what impedance your amp delivers maximum power. Dual 2 ohm coils will give you either a 4 ohm (coils in series) or 1 ohm (coils in parallel) sub. Dual 4 ohm coils will give you either a 8 ohm (coils in series) or 2 ohm (coils in parallel) sub.

Can an 8" jl sub work with a 250/1 jl amp? If not where can I get a 10" at a good price?

What kind of Alpine amp should I purchase to run 2 JL 12" W3's in a banpass box at RMS?

im buying two new JL W3's in 12 inch for 200, 250 with a enclosure made specially for these subs to fit in a stang...im gonna be running a 1000 watt kenwood amp

tell me where you live so i can borrow your subs.......that way you don't need a amp.
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