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i have a 10' pioneer that was in my gf's car in a bandpass box that rms's at 125 and the amp rms's at 275 and today i checked it out just to see how eveything is and it makes a noise like something is hittin the cone when it hits and i have a 12' w0 that does the same thing but not as loud did i blow these subs or what? i think i did but i am looking for someone who actually knows what the hell they r talkin about

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It sounds like the voice coil is on its way out, did the box come with subs? or was a seperate purchase? Pioneer subs are great subs but are fusy about box size. For a sub that is 125 RMS and an amp that is 275 RMS doesn't matter, its all in the setup and how loud you play the sub, you could have a 125 RMS sub and a 600 RMS amp, this doesn't mean that you will get the full power of the amp unless you have the right sub combo, usally it is 275 RMS at a 2 OHM load or 1 OHM load ( 2 4 OHM subs wired in parallel will give you a 2 OHM load ) well im rambling, but I think your voice coils is going.
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