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1st of all this is for my 89 Toyota Mr2 SC & for all that don't know Mr2 stands for Mid-engine Real-wheel drive 2-seater (VERY SMALL CAR). Their is 4"T's mounted in the dash, 3-1/2"'s mounted behind the seats right next to the ceiling in the rear pillars & a stock sub (ROFL 4" sub) under the driver's seat. I was thinking to put a 5 channel amp under passenger seat, low profile sub under drivers seat, a mid in the doors or floor like 1 of the pics & tweeters. I'm looking for a natural, realistic sound quality & the kind of music I lisin to is rock (like led zep). The HU I'm thinking of getting is an Alpine CDA-9833. I'm looking for high-quality equipment & willing to spend a good amount of cash but not on ridiculus prices. I know this is the time of year to buy cause of new models coming out so lower prices around the board. Here's a few pics of an Mr2 to help

Any suggestions on what size of mid to mount, any comments/complaints with the Alpine CDA-9833 HU, high-quality brands that are having somewhat of a sale soon or just a good deal that you would recommend for a low profile sub, 5 channel amp & component system? Would a pair of tweets & mids with a sub (4.1) be perfect & would the only sub under the driver's seat make the "front stage" off centered too much for the driver? Thanks...

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Hey Brian, how much space do you have behind the seats? On the picture, I noticed some gap between the front seats and the back panel. If you're lucky, you might be able to put a sub in there.
Your links 2 and 3 doesn't display anything.
Be very careful with 5 channel amps. Lot of them are very over rated in powers and don't give great sounds. You might be better off with 2 small 2 channel amps like PPI's PC2300.2 amp. On the 2nd amp, you can power both rears and a sub (tri-mode).
If you don't have rear speakers, then one amp can power all.
Since space is a premium in your car, do spend a little more for a great amp. It'll give you more satisfying result.
With bass, anything below 120Hz is non directional, so it'll work well.
Be very creative with your sub box. If you can't have depth, then go wide to make up for volume.
I've seen Infinity's 4" component sets. Not bad at all.
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