Wanna blow an amp!!


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hello folks,

I bought an audiobahn a4002t or something like that and I hate it..It needs to go back to it's maker via a chain stereo shop, where I will be able to use the extended warranty on another product( hopefully) or sell a brand new amp on ebay..the question is
If one was to run a four gauge from positve output to negative output..this would be little or no resistance at all.hopefully this would blow the channels?..or would a protect light come on?
plug the amp into the wall socket??
hook the power supply up backwards??
sledge hammer would be fun but no return..darnit!
o.k. don't wanna take any risk in damaging any other equiptment in the vehicle..
this amp must die!!
any help on this matter would be appreciated

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leave it on top of a running microwave for 30 minutes

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oh wait... its audiobahn just hook it up normal and it should blow itself up:-)

Run a wire from the positive to the negative of each chanel and crank the gain all the way up. That should do it.

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U may take a risk in blowing a car fuse or 2, but this always worked for me: DISCONNECT ALL speakers from it, connect remote & ground. MAKE SURE your battery is connected, then, try to connect the POWER wire to the amp. You will jump back 10 feet, guaranteed. Just let the wire arc (spark) a couple of times either on the amp or on the power terminal & that should do it. THEN disconnect your battery and connect it to your speaker(s). It will probably power up, but no juice to the speaker(s). I killed ann RF 1200 this way. "I really duno what the helll happened, I just smelled something burnt".

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try this. open it up, and just use a screwdriver and touch things together.

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"oh wait... its audiobahn just hook it up normal and it should blow itself up:-)"

it would me funny if it wasn't true :-P

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yup it's official,it's a gonner..got it down to the protect light coming on, was hoping for no pulse at all,but the dying quiver will do..

Like Hunter said, removed the cover and took a screwdriver to it..first thing that happened was blew the fuse, nothing a jumper wire couldn't fix..made all kinds of snap, crackley, pop sounds and a little smoke..started hearing popping in speakers, must have been backing up through rca's ..didn't want to blow anything else, so settled for the protect light
anyone wanna buy an amp?...J/K

thanks for you help

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That was a waste of technology. You could've done worse by purchasing Pyramid/Boss/Lanzar/Pyle/Sony.
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