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ok well i had my sub amp set the way i liked it but then some guy at an audio store screwed with it and now it isnt the same, problem is i dont know what i had it one before, OMG let me tell you its so hard to configure a damn sub amp, well whatever,

Here is my question what would be the best setting for my HPF and LPF, note i have a swicth for X-over, LPF, and HPF. (just to let you know)

i have it running a FUBR-12 power acustic, following i will write all the specificites for it,

Product Height 7.5"
product Width 12-1/2"
Product Weight 20.1 lbs.
Product Length 12-1/2"
Woofer Size 12"
Woofer Material Nonpressed paper
Magnet Size 200 oz.
magnet Type Strontium
Continuous Power Handling 700 watts
Peak Power Handling 1800 watts
Impedance Dual 2 ohms
Connection Type Chrome screw terminals
Number of Voice Coils Dual (2)
Efficiency 91dB
Frame Material Aluminum
Surround Material Foam rubber

?Special Features F s: 33.5Hz, Vas: 1.72 cu. ft., Qms: 4.66, Qes: 0.55, Qts: 0.4939, Xmax: 0.6"?

i have placed it in its Recommended Cubic Feet (box) 1.0 cu. ft. (sealed)

now i like it to hit hard not a long drown out noise (bass maybe?) and i hate it when it makes wierd a** nosies likes its a basketball or something! oh ya i have a 1200w amp with like 350rms on it. the link to my sub is ----> 574
oh ya i listen to rap and techno

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you and thank you

uh.... some one
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i dont know im sure that some one here could help you?

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what do u have.. how many subs, amps, what kinda amp. how many ch., x-over, eq, stereo?

first of all why did you go to a store
and second why u let people fuccck wit ur shyt!!??

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set the X over to lpf (low pass) and set the knob to around 80 herts. That will give you a good start. For a sub you will always want it on LPF, but you can adjust the herts till you find something you like. Try to stay between 70 and 110. 70 will hit nice and low, 110 will be pretty punchy. IMO 80 is just about right.

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LPF is best for subs, then set your gains.

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ok, i think i used to have my amp set at about 78Hz, but what do you mean gains, i problebly know what your talkin about i just dont know the term, could you elaborate on this for me, thank you, and for abe well if you read you would have known.

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gain is *basically* a volume, used mainly to match the volme output of your deck to the output if the amp. Get the LPF set to where u think it was, turn the gain (or level or whatever it may be called on that amp) to about 1/2, if the volume is too low, then turn it up some more, then keep fiddlin with the lpf/bass/levels until it sounds good.

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no gain is not a volume control. I cant explain it to where you would understand but go to and then go down to number 63. Thats where i learned mostly everythin i know about car audio that and here.

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i know...:-P
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