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I have a single 10" mtx thunder 8000, rated at 400watt rms, and i think 1000max, @4ohm

I want to know how to setup an amp that is higher wattage rms so that it will not blow this sub

reason I ask is because I feel if my amp is rated for higher output than it needs to put out, then it wont work as hard, and will last longer, and also I have trouble finding an amp rated for 400w, only amps that are rated higher, keep in mind im searching for good prices, so i've been checking on ebay, and I came up with the following amp.

the amp is hifonics zx6000

Hifonics ZX6000 Zeus A/B Design 2 Channnel Amplifier

2 x 150 Watts @ 4 Ohms
2 x 300 Watts @ 2 Ohms
1 x 600 Watts @ 4 Ohms Bridged
(these ratings are rms, i checked the hifonics website)

my head unit is a jvc kd-g800, and it features sub level control, and subwoofer output @ 4v.

so, can I set this up to work properly without blowing the sub? Is it as simple as setting the gain controls to not allow the sub to go too loud, or just not turning up the volume on my stereo too loud? Im a little confused, since some people have told me its good to overpower your sub, and just not use the max power of your amp, but how!


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I am also looking at an even higher power rated amp also by hifonics, but I cannot verify the amp as it does not appear to be a model they have on their website.

I would actually preffer to get this one if you guys can help me know if I can setup amps like this to work with lower wattage subs, just because I can upgrade to bigger subs in the future this way!

HiFonics Zeus ZX7500

2 channel Amplifier
RMS Power: 250W x 2
Bridged RMS Power: 1000W x 1

New 20th Anniversary HiFonics Heat Sink
Backlit Electro-Luminescence Logo
Illuminated Maxxsonics Endplate Logo
Exponential Vari-Power Supply (EXVP)
PWM Mosfet Circuitry
Variable High-Pass / Low-Pass Crossover
Full-Range Line Output
Molded Power and Speaker Connectors
3-Way On-Board Diagnostic
Fuse Rating: 80 amps
Remote Bass Level Control

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I'd go with MTX brand over Hifonics.
Is your sub 4ohms DVC or SVC? That'll make a huge difference in which amp to get. Hifonics is 4ohms bridged. So unless your sub is SVC or 2ohms DVC, it won't work.
I always recommend people to purchase amp that's stronger than the sub. The reason behind it is, almost ALL HU will clip/distort around 75%-85% volume mark. So you want to maximize your amp before reaching that mark.
You can not use the gain control as a volume control. Use it to match HU's preout voltage to your amp.
Before installing your amp, turn up your HU's volume till you start hearing distortion. Mark that setting in your head and never go past it.
Now with the amp installed, you should be able to get the most out of your sub without clipping.
FYI, I spent over $600 on my HU and it still clips around 85%, so it doesn't matter whether it's $150 or $600.

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okay, I JUST found a 400 watt hifonics amp as well, lol!

and I just realized, that the hifonics website dosent actually use the term RMS, so I dont know for sure if these are rms numbers, or max numbers! sigh...


x 100 Watts @ 4 Ohms
2 x 200 Watts @ 2 Ohms
1 x 400 Watts @ 4 Ohms

High End Performance Amplifier
PWM Power Supply
High Speed Bi-polar Output
Regulated Power Supply
Fully Adjustable Crossover Network
Variable Bass Equalization
HP/LP/BP Switch's
Subsonic Filter
Diagnostic LED
4 Gauge Power Connector
Class A/B Operation
Maxi Fuses
Gold Plated Input and Output
4 Ohm and 2 Ohm Stable
Bass Remote Control With Diagnostic LEDs Included

please help, I dont know what I should buy!!!

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okay, mtx is the sub, so i have no problem matching it with a mtx amp, hehe

any idea where I can find good prices, I am willing to spend 300 bucks after shipping and taxes to ontario canada, so shipping might end up being in the $50 - $75 range. thus, if the amp is around $200 before tax, that would probably work out okay (these hifonics amps are in the right price range)

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Try MTX/PPI PC/PCX series or Art series. They have some that are 400w - 600w rms.

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any good stores to pick stuff like that up for cheap on the web?

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this bodd audio stuff cant be rated properly, I see this amp

Boss Audio RT1500D

Remote subwoofer level control
Line out (for system building)
Variable low pass crossover: 24 dB/octave
Variable subsonic filer: 24 dB/octave
Phase switch
Max power, 2 ohm: 1500w x 1
RMS power, 4 ohm: 540w x 1
RMS power, 2 ohm: 800w x 1
Bridged power, 4 ohm: N/A
Signal-noise-ratio: >100dB
Frequency Response: 15-300Hz
Size 8" W x 2 3/4"H x 14 1/2"L

the amp is only 179, it must be over rated, or really cheap, what do you think?

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If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Boss make one of the worst amps/products. Not the worst, but close to there.
Stay away from Lanzar, Pyramid, Sony, Boss, Pyle to start. Hifonics isn't that far off either.
eBay is your best bet for getting things cheap. You can also try googles for web stores.

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hmm, okay I think I may have to ask one more question (I feel guilty asking you this stuff, you sound so professional I feel like I should be paying you, hehe)

what do you think of this phoenix gold xenon 400.1 subwoofer, the reviewers at cardomain gave it a great review, and its 400w RMS from 1 to 4 ohm, which is exactly what I think I need. the price just scrapes by what I want to spend (actually it goes over after shipping, but I think I can handle it)

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That's not a bad amp at all. It is however a class D amp, so nothing special about it. MTX class D will perform just as well.
I didn't see remote bass control option with PG. I find it very handy when listening to variety of songs.
Overall, it's a nice amp to test/try.
Good luck.


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thanks, the price is right (which i cant say for the mtx i have seen), and my deck does do bass control for me, Im gonna go with the amp, I'll let you guys know how it works out for me, (and i may have some more questions, who knows, hehe)
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