New amp and sub problems?


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I have a 1991 nissan maxima and recently installed 2 mtx 12" subs and a sony 1200 watt amplifier. About four days after using it my battery died. I went to a mechanic and had the alternator checked and it was shot as well as the battery. He installed a new 90amp alternator and a optima yellow top battery. I haven't had the battery die since then but i am scared to play the system loud because when I am at idle and it is loud the rpm gauge drops when it hits hard and the lights dim slightly. Does anyone know if this means that my battery will die again?

Thanks for the help

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What gauge wire did you run from the battery to the amp? Make sure the remote wire is right.

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ur car dies cuz u play ur system while ur car is off..

its normal for ur lights to dim.. get a cap for that..

the place u took ur car to ripped u off... all u probably needed was a battery charge..

the problem wit ur idle im pretty sure it doesnt have to do wit ur system..

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I ran 4 gauge wire from the battery directly to the amp. That is what the instructions said to use. The mechanic was my best friend and he said the alternator was hardly putting out any power it was the original from 1991. The battery I put in because I heard they are the best. But I still feel that if I play my system loud I will have a dead battery. I shouldn;t of gottin such a big amp.

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Your only problem is an altenator that was 14 years old. They crap out while your car is running, and slowly the battery dies because its not being charged. No big deal. The big deal, however, is using a sony amp. Do you think it sounds good or do you just like shopping at wal-mart? And why did you buy a yellow top battery? You have a stock 90 amp altenator, the battery is the least of your worries. I would have spent 50 bucks on a cheap battery. But on the plus side, you dont have a big amp, just one that says its big so people will waste their money on it.
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