Please Help Can Anyone Answer This?


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I have the following:
A 2004 Trailblazer
Already installed a Pioneer DEH7600MP

I have two sets of Blaupunkt 6 1/2" Mid 1" Tweeters Component sets this will cover the
front and rear doors and fit where factory
speakers did with the exception of
the tweeters. 80w rms 240w max 60-23000hz
freq resp and 93db with crossovers

I have two Bazooka DT1024DVC 10" Tubes
250w rms 500w max 39hz-1khz 104db

I have two Bazooka ELA300.1 sub amps
200w rms 500w max 40-130hz 0-12db bass boost

I have one Bazooka EL2100 amp 2ch
115w rms 500w max 50-250hz sloped
12db oct what ever that means.

So how do I hook it up like configuration
all above is at 4ohm. I know I need to run a
4ga power wire fused and put a digital fused
distribution block and a 1farad cap off it,
what I do not know is what is the best way to hook all this up or do I need to buy something else different, the thing is I got like very very little money in all this stuff it is all brand new never used still in boxes the stero shop here wants $400.00 to install I dont have $400.00 invested in all this crap I have to install so why spend $400.00 to install it. i just need a little tips or suggestions like run rca from head unit to the 2ch amp then to the input on the crossovers for the front etc. Or run the sub mono rca to first amp and carry over two amp number two so each sub has its own amp. Just help me out as to how to hook this crap up man. Please.

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It has become obvious that this is not a forum where help could be found.

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Oh Ok so just hook it up like that, with all the wires connected thanks for the help.

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Wow I am overwhelmed with all the knowledge on this forum I just cant keep up with all the wonderful suggestions.

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You said it right, MAN, "CRAP". I got a suggestion for you: Take all that stuff back, kick the guy (that sold it to you) in the nuts for not helping you make better choices, and spend FIVE DAYS JUST READING the material in here. I GUARANTEE you, you will learn something. Before you want to fly off the handle & start some smartasse comments- You have absolutely NO room to talk with a setup like that....BAZOOKA & BLAUPUNKT- GIMME A BREAK, DUDE. I'd ALMOST rather have nothing but SONY products! Granted, all I have is Pioneer, Autotek, and ORION, But that's because I was on LOW budget. I got the hookup, now, and I am fixing to start over. OKAY, mebbe now I cann talk some sense into you- Use the 2 Ch amps for the door speakers and the mono blocks for the tubes. BE sure to run the RCAs OPPOSITE the POWER wires. I am not saying ur stupid, just making a suggestion. Oh yeah- how about registering,HUH?

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I'm assuming you know how to run power wire and get it to the amplifiers, so as far as the RCAs, you'd hook an individual RCA line to the two channel amp for the fronts, and run the sub mono RCA output to the first sub amp. Then you'd daisy chain that with the second sub amp, like you stated above. Those tubes are 4 ohms each, so you'd give each their own amp and simply wire positive to positive and negative to negative. As far as the equipment goes, I would have taken a different route, but that's just my personal opinion. Typically for budget systems I try to run front components and a sub off of a 4 channel amplifier, and bridge the rear channel for the sub. It saves space, allows room to upgrade, and gives great bang for the buck.

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Thanks for the replys, no I do not know a thing about Car Stereo like ZERO nothing notta. Thats why I asked DUDE! I got all this stuff very cheap like you would not beleive me if I told you, so anyway yes I know it is not good equipment but it is better than the factory stuff. Also just as a note in the stero store and some of the guys cars around here the 10" tubes sound a whole lot better than two 10" MTX Kicker Pioneer that I have heard. I just did not want to hook it up wrong not that it would be a big loss, if I need to buy better stuff I can Money is not a problem if the bang is worth the buck. I can sell all this stuff for more than what I have in it and $200.00 would be a profit.

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laser, just read this forum for a while and you'll learn a ton real fast. here's a few good reference links:


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Thanks JW.
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