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hey guys
i was just wonderin what the difference in spl and sq is between the 15" RE X.X.X., mmats jugernaut 15", and the dd9915e and dd9915b. i was just wonderin cuz i got the 15" x.x.x. but im gettin it hooked up this week or next... thanks!

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the dd would have the most spl i think..or of the two lol

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15 X.X.X. compared to....

mmats jugg, jugg isn't good at anything really.
9515e, the DD will stomp it and have pretty decent SQ if done right but will not have the low end extension.
9915b, you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between the 95 and 99.

all three of the subs you listed will stomp an x.x.x. in SPL but SQ and dropppin stupid low wouldn't be there.

there is no difference in the DD's until you hit 3kw, then the 9915 is still goin strong. the 17 is in a whole nother league than the other dd woofers.

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Username: Rhassler

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thanks for the input!
so say if later on i upgraded, best choice would be a dd9917 for both spl and sq? also hows the sq on that compaired to a 15 x.x.x. and do u know a price range ish?

thanks a lot!

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DD = SPL!!!
XX.X = sql (sound quality and decent spl)
i would say the XX.X would be the best choice. u really dont need much more for a daily driver, and i am assuming you dont want to run 3kw of power.
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