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I bought a system for my truck but ran out of money for the install. I've installed a few systems but am no expert for sure. Can anyone tell me the best way to hook up this system?

Head Unit - Alpine CDA 9851

CD Changer - Alpine CHA S634

Amp1 - Rockford Fosgate P4004 4 channel
50 W x 4 @ 4 Ohms RMS
100 W x 4 @ 2 Ohms RMS
200 W x 2 @ 4 Ohms Bridged RMS

Total power 400 Watts
Bridgeable Yes
Crossover HP 40-400Hz 12dB per Octave
LP 40-400Hz 12dB per Octave

150 Watts RMS x 2 channels at 2 Ohms U 1% THD+N
300 Watts RMS x 1 channel bridged at 4 Ohms U 1% THD+N

Speakers Front
Alpine - SPS-171A
6-1/2" Type-S Component 2-Way Speaker Set

Speakers Rear
Alpine - SPS-460A
4"x 6" Type-S Series Coaxial 2-Way Speaker

Subs MTX
T7510-44 10" Sub Dual 4 47-150Hz 400 175-400 90.6 dB 2-3/8± 93 depth 6.699±

I have the appropriate amp and mounting kits. The system is going in 1995 Ext Cab Chevrolet Pick-up

Hope you guys can give me some tips. Like which to bridge etc...



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If you have all the kits/parts needed for the install, then you'll just have to spend some manual labour TLC.
The 2nd amp you have, can be bridged for 4ohms operation. With your subs, wire each VC in series to get 8ohms, then wire the subs in parallel for 4ohms total.
Wire all power cables on one side of the car, and speakers/rca on the opposite.
I hope you purchased power distribution block for the 2 amps. It'll make it easier to connect.
Set the gain/level control according to you HU's rca preout voltage.

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start off by installing the door speakers and mounting the amps. then work on running the wires for the amps.
as for the stereo.. not that hard to tape together black, red, and yellow wires..
wait are you changing from a factory head unit to a aftermarket one?
in this case did you happen to get the wire plug to installing aftemarket head units???
you should get some 3-way or 4-way speakers for the rear.
be sure to connect both connection on the sub b-cuz there are dual voice coil subs.. if you only have connect one side of the sub you will damage the subs and have to get a new one..

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Thanks for the input. How important is it to keep the power cable seperate from the pre-amp out rca's? Also I was wondering about what type of connection to make at the factory harness to the supplied adapter? Solder, or some other type of connection.


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Keeping the RCA cables and power cables separate is EXTREMELY important, unless u don't mind having odd, inexplicable, unidentifiable, non-music sounds(aka static,hissing,buzzing,etc.) from your speakers. Oh, by the way, good choice on speakers and hu, eh.....maybe could do a lil' better onn amps, though. PPI makes some of the best I've ever heard.lol. I disagree with abe in that In my opinion, I do NOT think u need some silly 3 or 4 way speakers 4 the rear. About 80% of imaging is in the front. I don't personally care for 2 ways, either, BUT overall, I think you'll do well. Best of luck. Your conns at the harness should be solder, solder pellets, or some of those GOOD ONE-WAY butt conectors- ANYTHING except wire nutz.
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