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i have a Pyramid 1600watt 4ch amp.. not that old. maybe a year or two... i have a new sony deck and a alpine g-180 eq and i have a 4ga. power wire hooked up to a 3farad voodoo capacitor then feeded to a fuse block then 8 ga. wire to the amp. i have two 15" mtx subs hooked up to the amp.. (briged)... i have the subs in parallel :cool:

(i had a bazooka 600 or 700watt amp hooked up to these 15" mtx before and sound great never turned off .. the amp heated up but didnt turn off.. the only thing i changed was the amp to a pyramid...) :-)

for some reason the amp turns off.. i tried hooking the subs to just one ch. but still turns off.. (amp turns off at high volumes).. i was thinking maybe its a overload protection? or maybe not enough curret goin to the amp? or maybe the way i have the subs hooked up.. (drive load) ohms? :confused:

i tired changing the levels and gain and bass boost all that and i got the amp to were it will play for a while then it turns off..
the amp never gets hot. and the fan is on all the time.. or i think it is... :mad:
any help would be great!!

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Abraham, there's your problem, Pyramid. You went from aceptable amp (Bazooka) to terrible quality Pyramid. You have purchased one of the worst product ever made. I'm not dissing you, it's just the fact. Sony is just as bad.
From what you're describing, that's about all you're going to get from the amp. That is probably why they sell it very cheap in price. It was never meant to be used at high volume. Chances are, you'll blow your subs before that amp dies due to distortion/clipping.
I would STRONGLY suggest you invest in another brand. If money is a problem, then at least look at Audiobahn/Alphasonik. You can purchase their amp for as low as $130. Unlike Sony and Pyramid, it will actually work.

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is sony that bad?

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Yes. That is why they target newbies and females with flashy colours and design.

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although pyrmid may suck, he does have a problem that shouldnt exist. Its a 4 channel so im guessing its bridged twice to 2 channels, Right?

Likely the subs are dual 4 ohm coils, wired to 2 ohms each, and amps cannot handle 2 ohms on a bridge. You could re-wire up to 8 ohms on each sub but at a loss of power.

Sell the pyrmid, and stay away from 4 channels for subs. Pick up a stereo or a mono amp (and spend a few extra bucks in this area) from mtx, jbl, infinity, rockford, clarion or descent name low priced amps that you can find (just stay away from the legacy,pyrmid,pyle,logic etc etc etc) BTW, dont be afraid to pick up a 200 or 300 watt amp thining that your pyrmid has more power, because, it doesent! that 4 channel pyrmid probly do a REAL 75 watts x 4 ... Just go to a stereo shop or circuit city and price some amps in your range, post back here on the make and model and price of the amps and we will thell you what is the best for your money. YOu can probly sell that pyrmid amp to a sucker for what you paid for it :-) the sony deck is not the best but its good enough in my may actually find you like it. So dont worry about decks, just get a new amp.

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oh ya, and look for RMS power output ratings, depending on the subs 150 - 200 watts x 2 RMS is usually plenty of power for an average set of subs. Look for 300-400 RMS in a mono amp. You will be happy with the outcome.

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i bought the sony off ebay.. for a 100.. its one of those fx 7005 whatever it is.. it really sucks ever bump i hit it skips.. i just bought the sony cuz it was cheap and i know i can sell it for more to a female.. and cuz i was driving around without a stereo.

the 15" mtx are single coil! lol.. but they sound better than any sub i had before.. sounded just like my jl 10w3v2 sub...i have the subs in parallel.. the maginet on the back of the sub is so small... damn..

the bazooka i had was a mono amp..

anybody wanna buy a pyrimd 4ch 1600watt amp? lol

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yeah you should have never gave up a mono bazooka for a pyrmid. But your not in bad shape, because their will always be suckers that will see "1600 watts" plastered on the amp and buy it. SO bring it to a pawn shop or somethin....

Subs in parallel? HUH?

ok, there are 4 channels, so bridge those 4 chanels to 2 channels, then run a sub off each one of those bridged outputs (does that amp support 2 CH bridged operation?)

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pos to pos neg to neg

i just have 2 ch. bridged.. the other two i didnt use..

good news, i junked the pyarmid amp and switched to a Fosgate RF 100dsm ix Old School amp

i think its like 100 watt max bridged.. and it pushes my two 15" subs pretty damn good
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